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Possessive Pheromones

What you don’t want to do is act like a possessive pheromone user, and demand that she pays attention only to your pheromone cologne.


Instead, as a pheromone user, you need to charm her peers, and subtly create opportunities to Connect with her, even within a group of her friends and peers. The best way for pheromone users to win the approval of a woman’s peers stems directly from the fifth Pheromone Attraction Trigger available at


Without coming across as a boring old codger (never start a story with: “When I was your age...”), you need to Captivate the Seducers (and the women) with fascinating stories about your pheromone adventures . As I discussed earlier, your stories should have a beginning, middle, and end...they should not ramble...they should be filled with strong, visual imagery...and they must come from the heart. Also, know your audience and tell stories that you believe they can relate to, which will elicit emotional responses. Think of themes that are universal: love, loss, victory, sacrifice, glory. Learn more at


Kissing and Heavy Pheromone Usage


When you’re in the right kind of pheromone environment -- even if you’ve just met that night, and successfully progressed through the first five phases of the S.M.E. -- you might find yourself not only making out with a beautiful woman, but also taking things a little further. Learn more about pheromones at my site. Learn more at



However, heavy pheromone usage usually doesn’t happen until the first date or after. Use your judgment. But don’t be shy. Women are emotional and sexual creatures. As a pheromone user, you don’t rush things when it comes to physical intimacy. You lead the way. Don’t hold back. Push the boundaries of intimacy. You will probably be surprised how far she will let you go with

her pheromones. Learn more at


Pheromones and Sex With Women


Most pheromone users treat a woman’s body like two tits on a stick and a pussy. They clumsily fumble to unbutton a woman’s shirt, and struggle to un-fasten her bra. Silverbacks, by contrast, understand the importance of intimacy, and are patient and calculated. Also, when you’re being intimate, remember to touch her everywhere . Pay attention to little spots you like, or she likes.


Slow it down. You’re not in a hurry. Nibble her ear. Smell her hair like you smell a bouquet of roses. Gaze into her eyes.  And just as it’s important to Tease a woman verbally as you’re progressing through the first five phases of the S.M.E., its equally important to Tease her physically when you’re in S.M.E. VI: The Payoff, and things are getting hot and heavy. Most women love to be teased sexually, and if you “torture” her (in a good way) with Teasing, and engage in LOTS of foreplay, she will melt like proverbial butter when you get to SEX with pheromones.