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Top Pheromone Sprays July

Ok so have been playing with top pheromone spray since July.


I do not know if it is a placebo, but I am now much more happier after pheromones even if I don't wear it (I think it has a residual effect even if they state the sprays effect only last 6-8 hours). Women start to walk up to me automatically (That is when I wear pheromone. They are even starting to do it now post pheromone usage. They never did it before.).


They will also leave the other company of men to talk to me when I wear it.  They are also more flirtatious and talkative than ever before (I made day observations before I sprayed on pheromones to make sure that I did  not just imagine things). The weirdest thing is that some women greet me before I can greet them now when I wear mones. I also find it that women who get multiple exposure to pheromone, feel more comfortable around me.  Learn more at



Just be warned that the goal of pheromone is to make interactions more intimate, not sexual and it succeeds in that goal brilliantly.  What worries me more is that my women friends who have boyfriends are starting to flirt with me. I do not want to cheat on anyone, but these pheromones make them feel it justifiable to flirt with me even if they are in a relationship. They never did it, now they do. It really has an effect on women. Learn more about pheromones at

The biggest factor for me about pheromones is actually the fallout effect that it creates. Women who had multiple exposures of it are starting to miss me. I mean like, what the hell. I like it.


Also, I tested samples of Ascend, Evolve and cohesion. Ascend causes extreme pupil dilation  (like really I have never seen people's pupils so huge) and passive agreement from the one spray that I used on that. Like I was talking to people who wanted to employ me after I graduate and they were in a trance. Maybe they were just trance like beings, but I doubt it, since the representatives of that big company are professionals. I have also tested one spray of Evolve. Women talk about sexual topics without you bringing it up. The evening I used that, I was really surprised. Cohesion just makes people and everyone around you much more friendlier. Learn more about the top pheromones at



In conclusion, pheromones made me much more happier and has changed the way I interact with Women. It has also made me much more self-confident even if I don't wear it. I don't know if this the ultimate placebo since I have been seeing too many changes in my behavior as well as how women react to me now.  The one thing I also realized is that  pheromones is just like a fancy suit, it does not exclusively make you attractive, but it is one of the components to being attractive. For instance: Good fashion + awesome personality + sexy hairstyle + pheromones + intelligence + good looks =  profit.  Learn more about pheromones at